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Continuous Improvement Coaching Services are provided on a periodic basis.  JEL and the client determine a consistent day of the week where JEL will work at the facility on an on-going basis.  During this time, JEL will work with leadership, their staff, and their employees.  The following is a list of activities that may occur based on the needs of the environment:

  • Meetings with leadership
  • Team meetings
  • Department meetings
  • Person to person discussions
  • Gemba walks ("Go and See" events)
  • Trainings
  • Accountability sessions
  • Process mapping events
  • FastBreak events
  • Kaizen events
  • Design meetings
  • Brainstorming events
  • Etc.

The goal of Continuous Improvement activities is to improve a business, not consume it.  Thus there must be time for people to get their regular work done.  Overall, the goal is that people spend about 5-10% of their time improving the business.  By scheduling regular visits, the business develops a routine and thereby Continuous Improvement becomes a regular part of their work.  This rhythm creates a healthy and comfortable pattern for the business; one that is consistent with the ideals of on-going incremental improvement.  Once this is in place, it doesn’t take long to see the results.  Over time, the value to an organization can really mount up to enormous value in terms of cost savings, reduced lead-time, improved quality, and stability for the workforce.

JEL has served many larger companies in the past.  While doing this, JEL worked periodically with the various departments or site locations.  JEL never worked with them full-time.  Instead, JEL taught them concepts, gave them examples, showed them how to use them, and let them begin to "fish for themselves" (people learn best by doing).  All the while, JEL was there to coach them when they hit obstacles and guide their path forward.  In the end, this approach generated more and better solutions thereby amplifying JEL’s impact on organizations.

This is what JEL does today with clients.  JEL works with them on a periodic basis; not full-time.  So what might have been a department of 20-30 people in his past might be a whole company of similar size today.  This is how JEL can bring services to smaller environments without costing them the price of a full-time resources.  In some ways it is like, time-sharing a resource much like is often done with a time-share vacation condo.

The result is …


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