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Most lasting relationships succeed because of the intangibles; the important things that are recognized, but not easily quantified. Much of the information in the other sections provides the tangible about JEL. It represents the past; a look in the rear view mirror. However it is the values below that have allowed the past to occur and more importantly provides JEL the ability to help your company Keep Getting Better.

One of JEL’s greatest strengths is the ability to apply knowledge and experiences to different and new situations.

JEL is extremely passionate about Continuous Improvement (CI).  Many people just talk the talk, but JEL walks the talk too.  JEL lives CI professionally and personally.  It is not a switch that goes off at the end of the day.  It is a constant.  It is this passion that provides the staying power required to persevere even when the going gets tough … and it will.  If CI was easy, everyone would do it.

Making the “right” decision based on values is easy when it is easy; when there is no pressure to do the opposite.  JEL takes pride in doing the “right” thing even when it is unpopular or in some other way hard.  Good values never go out of style.

JEL is a consummate competitor and likes to win.  One of JEL’s mottos has always been winners never quit, and quitters never win.  However, JEL is not “win at all cost”.  Success with honor and the respect for people must come first.

Discipline is the difference between ability and accomplishment.  People of ability without discipline are all too common.  JEL combines ability with discipline and generates results.


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