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Each client that JEL Solutions serves requires something different. Therefore JEL Solutions customizes the range and degree of service to best meet these varying needs.

Below is an overview of the wide variety of Industrial Engineering services offered by JEL Solutions.

Lean is commonly known as "the organized war on waste". Made famous by Toyota and its Toyota Production System (TPS), this management philosophy leverages the most current industrial engineering techniques for improving any business. Techniques include 5S, Kanban, Poka-yoke, Value-Stream Mapping, etc. and can be applied to any business with dramatic positive results.

Six Sigma is a metric, an improvement methodology, a management philosophy, and a strategy for running a business that focuses on improving efficiency and effectiveness by reducing process variation. It is a close cousin of Lean as the two concepts share many of the same methods and techniques. Lean typically focuses on waste and Six Sigma typically focuses on variation. As an Industrial Engineer, JEL is well-versed and experienced with both. The value to the client comes in assessing the situation and providing the right solution from the right discipline. Most people specialize on only one. The advantage of Industrial Engineers is that they are well versed in these and many other disciplines that help Your Business ... Keep Getting Better.

Project Master Planning is a process for businesses to create a “master plan” for their business (or a project) virtually before creating it physically. By first defining “what it is” and then by determining the costs and steps to create “it”, businesses can save swiftly and efficiently move the business forward.

Capacity Planning is the science of accurately predicting the capacity of an operation to produce a product. Used mostly in manufacturing, it involves understanding operational workflow, cycle-times, supply-chain factors, maintenance, etc. In extreme cases the use of simulation modeling becomes the next level of progression. JEL Solutions has had significant experience in all levels of this type of planning and analysis.

Change Management is a systematic approach to dealing with change, both from the perspective of an organization and on the individual level. A somewhat ambiguous term, change management has at least three different aspects, including: adapting to change, controlling change, and effecting change. A proactive approach to dealing with change is at the core of all three aspects. JEL is certified in ADKAR, the most prevalent form of change management and is very capable of helping you lead change in your organization.

Office Solutions is the application of the commonly used suite of Microsoft Office products (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, MS Project, MS Outlook and MS PowerPoint) to solve an infinite number of business challenges. Invariably even the most sophisticated enterprise software leaves holes in the transformation of data into information. This is where JEL Solutions can step in and connect the dots.

Asset Management is managing the life cycle of physical assets within a business (from birth to death). Most companies make large proportional investments in equipment, but few successfully manage those assets' life-cycle as effectively as possible. JEL Solutions can help improve this preformance.

Quality Control and Reliability is the science of producing desired (high quality) results. Most modern work in this area is focused on Six Sigma. However, the science is quite a bit broader than that. JEL Solutions can bring the full complement of techniques to bear to today's business challenges. Techniques include Six Sigma, acceptance sampling, control charting, product testing, customer surveys, etc.

Methods Analysis is the scientific study of activities. Many methods evolve over time as a function of need. However many methods can be dramatically improved with a little insight and the application of some basic principles.

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