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Started in 2005, JEL Solutions, LLC is dedicated to providing Continuous Improvement Coaching (CIC) and Industrial Engineering Services to smaller businesses on a periodic basis.

The Principal of JEL Solutions is Jim Ludwig. His principles are the Guideposts shown to the right. By teaching, empowering, and applying these principles, Jim Ludwig and his strategic partners help your business ... Keep Getting Better!

All services are guaranteed to produce results for your company ... when your business keeps getting better ... You produce better and faster with less cost. That leaves more for you and your team to achieve your purpose.

Keep Getting Better
Entropy is the Enemy
The Devil is in the Detail
Seek Perfection; Settle for Excellence
Better and Faster with Less Cost
Eliminate Waste
Change is Constant; Embrace It
Transform Data into Information ...
Transform Information into Action
Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail
Simplicity is Elegance; Not Easy
Leverage the Learning Curve of Others
Respect for People
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