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We all have challenges ... JEL offers Solutions

Is your business considering a major project? 

JEL Solutions offers “Master Planning” services.  This process is for businesses to create a “master plan” for their project virtually before creating it physically.  By first defining “what it is” and then by determining the costs and steps to create “it”, businesses can save money and efficiently move the project forward with the confidence to succeed. The "what" of any project is hard enough without the "how". Why not let JEL help you with the "how" and let you and your team focus on the "what"?

Is your business struggling for capacity?

JEL Solutions can help by applying concepts like the theory of constraints and single-minute exchange of die (SMED) to help improve your capacity.  In one particular case, JEL Solutions helped an operation improve throughput and capacity by 50% in less than 4 months.

Does your business need a capital plan?

JEL Solutions has already helped several Fortune 500 companies with its capital planning process.  By establishing a consistent approach, centralizing data, and using it to generate information, JEL Solutions can help your business control one of its most vital resources; money.

Does your business need to get more from the resources you already have?

JEL Solutions is an expert at applying the management philosophy known as “Lean Six Sigma ”.  Whether you are a manufacturing company or not, the principles of Lean Six Sigma help companies do things better, faster, and for less cost.  The philosophy that helped Toyota become #1 in the automotive business can help make you #1 in your business too!

Are there business challenges where you think a computer could be helpful but you don’t know how or have time to apply computer techniques to help?

One of JEL Solution’s best capabilities is its ability to use a computer to solve problems.  JEL Solutions has developed hundreds of custom computer solutions using the Microsoft suite of products.  Much like an experienced carpenter who knows little tricks and techniques to make things easier and better, JEL Solutions can employ these techniques to help your business.

Do you have product quality issues?  Do you need another perspective to the problem?

The pursuit of higher quality is essential in any business.  JEL Solutions helps companies identify the cause of poor quality; not just the symptoms.  The first step is to monitor the process, then identify root-cause, then implement solutions and finally, to sustain the monitoring of the process so it stays in control.

Is your business closing a facility and needs to sell the equipment within the facility?

JEL Solutions will help you get the most from your assets.  Many brokers or auctioneers try to take advantage of companies who are selling off their equipment.  JEL Solutions can help you avoid these pitfalls.  By working on your side of the project JEL Solutions can apply its vast experience in equipment liquidation and help you save thousands, if not millions of dollars.

Does your business need to establish a basic website … or would you like to develop an internal website for your department or internal customers?

JEL Solutions can quickly provide you a website solution at minimal costs.  The site could be set up to improve communication with your customers; whether those customers are internal or external.  The links could be attached to documents you control and give you the easiest way of making edits real time.

Do you need help laying out a new manufacturing area or office space?  Or perhaps just improving your current one?

JEL Solutions, LLC has helped numerous businesses with these challenges.  The key to success is creating the virtual representation before the actual physical one.  JEL Solutions uses familiar software and industrial engineering techniques to produce the right results.

Are there things about your business that you wish ran smoother and you keep thinking “there has got to be a better way”?

JEL Solutions is a methods specialist.  In many companies and organizations, processes and methods evolve over time.  JEL Solutions helps by reevaluating the current norms and providing a unique and fresh perspective to the way things get done.

Overall, JEL Solutions is dedicated to helping businesses like yours get ...

Better and Faster with Less Cost

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